Pharmaceutical Machine

Rolling Biological Incubator


It gives a plenty of aorking area for microganisms ( bacteria, fungi ) incubation, shelf life studies, and other biological incubators.

Cooling System

The construction of cooling system is designed with a intergral back for better appearance. It is quiet and durable. The compressor is designed as an independent system for lower operation cost and easy maintenance.

Roller System

The roller rotates quietly with a constant rotating speed. The roating speed is constant with an error with in 0.1~0.3% rpm, indicated by a digital display in decimals.
The surface of the roller is specially treated for non-slipping and is suitable for veriable round flasks. The roller's frame is fabricated from a square stainless steel tubes for a better appearance and stability. The rollers are made of polyurethane for smooth movements. There is a built in leveling indicator on the frame.


The interior body is constructed with SUS 304# stainless steel with sandblasted finish. The exterior body is constructed with 430 stainless steel coated with resin, having a hard, durable and easy maintenance characteristics. The unit is also equipped with a leveling indicator and an anchoring dervice.

System Device

The unit provides a Malfunction Backup Substitution System with a ZERO-CROSS SWITCHING CONTROLLER, which is a semi-permanent, noise-free, seamless, and non-spark controller. It can detect and indicate the malfunctions such as heater break, heater overloading, controller failure, or other factors automatically, and switch on the back substitution unit simultaneously. The unit also provides a third protection system with a failure-free fluid-expansion protection system.


Rolling Shelves
Power Requirements
AC 220V 1Ø 60HZ
Rotating Control
VR, graduated in 0.1 cycle division
Driving System
Step motor driving system
Rotating Speed
0.2~15 rpm
Limit or Error
0.1~0.3 rpm
16 vessels
Rolling Biological Incubator
Power Requirements
AC 220V 1Ø 60HZ 2KW
Temperature Control
Automatic PID convector, Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Stability
Tolerance±0.1°C, Uniformity±1°C
Chamber Size
80Wx120Hx60D cm
External Size
92Wx190Hx76D cm
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